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Post by Fiya on Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:20 pm

This list of rules is non-negotiable.

Breaking the rules is a warning, then a silence and finally a ban. Depending on the severity, you may receive an instantaneous ban, so please make sure to read these rules before continuing through this forum.

{ } No Inappropriate Language
There are plenty of other ways to get your words across without having to swear.

{ } No God Modding
This is a huge deal within the Role Playing community. Any sight of god-modding, will be automatically deleted. (I'm also fairly lenient on this rule, so as long as it's not purposeful god-modding, you'll only ever get warnings)

{ } Be Respectful
This shouldn't be an issue. If I see any sign of OOC (Out of Character) Drama, all parties involved will be warned and all posts will be deleted. OOC Drama will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Come speak to me if there is an issue with a user.

{ } Don't Beg for Special Statuses
This doesn't just include administrator and moderator privileges. If I don't approve of your character (and this is only under fair judgement among three people), then you will have to revise your character. Don't argue or beg.

{ } Don't Force Anything
This is common courtesy more than anything, but it's for your own good. Forcing something is never fun.

{ } No Sexual NSFW Posts or Topics
I used to allow this, but I got in a lot of trouble, so I cannot allow these anymore. Horror NSFW is available, but receive my permission first and make sure your topic has '{Horror}' somewhere in it. Make sure to check with everyone's triggers beforehand as well.

These rules aren't harsh, they are put in place to protect both me and all the users in this forum. Please try to respect them.
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